I Wonder How?

September 17, 2009 at 12:26 am | Posted in Writing: Commentaries | Leave a comment

Humans, like crows, are inclined to collect things. Stamps, bottles, butterflies, bugs. Stories. We collect personal stories, too, Aunt Millie finding love or Uncle Bill getting drunk every Christmas. The time I fell into my mother’s washbucket. 

And then there are the stories we collect in book form, those we take from the shelf when we ache for wholeness. We collect stories because we love them. We remember the adrenaline rush we received when we first read them. We collect stories because we are human, because we are like the crows. We decorate our nests with stories. We cock our heads, like crows, admiring our obsession.   

Given all this, I wonder how we talk about stories without our hearts bursting?

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